Apache Flink® is an open source platform for scalable stream and batch data processing. It offers expressive APIs to define batch and streaming data flow programs and a robust and scalable engine to execute these jobs.

Goals and scope of this training

This training teaches how to implement scalable data analysis programs with Apache Flink 1.7.1.

Specifically, this training teaches:

  • How to setup an environment to develop Flink programs
    • Setup all required software and tools and configure an IDE
    • Create a Maven project for Flink programs and import it into an IDE
    • Execute and debug a Flink program locally in an IDE
  • How to implement Flink programs using its APIs
    • Solve exercises for stream programs using the DataStream API
    • Solve exercises for stream programs using the Table/SQL and CEP libraries
  • How to package, execute, and monitor Flink programs on running Flink systems

Starting points

Additional Resources